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Have you ever wondered where a phobias come from and how some people have them and others don’t?

Fear and phobias are created by our own subconscious minds as a defense mechanism to help keep us away from things that the subconscious thinks are a danger to us.

Maybe as a child you saw your mother scared at the sight of a mouse. Your subconscious can believe that if this authority figure is scared of a mouse, it is something you should be scared of. So, it develops the fear and the phobia in an attempt to keep you away from mice.

The good thing is that since your subconscious has created the phobia it can also take it away.

Your waking mind may know that a mouse is nothing to be scared of but no matter who tells you that it is nothing to fear you can’t help but be scared. The subconscious will not listen to anybody telling it not to be scared until it is put into a hypnotic state where it finally listens and we can explain to it that there is no need to create a fear response.

With hypnotherapy we can assist you to remove or greatly reduce the phobia and anxiety and assist with phobias and fears from fear of mice to fear of flying. There is no reason to have to endure the fear.

Feel free to arrange a no-obligation free consultation and we will be able to create a plan to remove any unwanted fears or phobias allowing you to enjoy your life to the full and not hide away or avoid places and situations that you may want to enjoy.

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