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Pain Management

Before being able to work on pain management I would have to have a consultation with you to see if Hypnotherapy was suitable to assist the issue that is causing you problems and to ensure I would not mask symptoms that your doctor would need to be made aware of.

As it is the subconscious part of your mind that triggers the pain response. The subconscious can be persuaded to turn off these responses. An example of the subconscious triggering sensations can be seen in amputees if they suffer from phantom limb syndrome. The subconscious creates sensations as if the limb was still there.

Hypnotherapy can vary in results from client to client by reducing severe pain dramatically for a couple of hours to taking it away completewly for a couple of weeks. Audio recordings can be made for the client to top up the pain relief as and when they may need it.

Hypnotherapy is a proven method and holistic way to manage painful symptoms from a large range of illnesses and injuries. Our initial consultation is always free, so why not get in touch to discover how It’s Time To Change Hypnotherapy and Rory McFarling can help you.

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