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Rory McFarling Hyp CS

It’s Time To Change, Hypnotherapy. 

A friendly, relaxing, stress-free, and confidential service where I can help you to make the permanent changes you have wanted to make. I can help you with unwanted feelings, thoughts, physiological responses, or whatever changes you would like to make. By really listening to what changes you need and by setting a target for the therapy to head towards. We will ensure that I can find the perfect solution to suit your needs and tailor the therapy sessions to your individual circumstances.

Bringing About The Positive Change You Want!

Using proven modern conflict resolution, relaxation and hypnotherapy techniques that place you into a relaxed state of hypnosis where your subconscious mind is then willing to accept positive suggestions that assist in bringing about the changes you want. By using relaxation instead of fast induction techniques you can leave the session feeling completely relaxed. peaceful and at ease.

Most people want to change a part of themselves, be it to lose weight, give up smoking, conquer a fear, cope with a phobia or to learn to handle stress and anxiety better.

Every client is unique and we will asses how the modalities of your mind to ensure I can make an accurate  diagnosis of the underlying issue and create the most appropriate treatment plan tailored to how your mind works and processes information, as we all think differently and what works for one person won’t work for another.

If you have reached the point and decided that you want to make a positive change, even the biggest changes start with the confidence to take the first little step in the right direction. If you are ready then it is time to contact ‘It’s Time To Change’.is

Rory McFarling

The Four Phases Of Hypnotherapy Treatment


Discovering where the underlying issues lie is essential to providing the correct hypnotherapy treatment.

Treatment Plan

Working together to create a treatment plan designed specifically for your needs. Discussing the techniques, cost and length of therapy.


This will vary depending on the clients needs and any prior agreements on which techniques the client would like to use.

End of Therapy

Once you have reached the goal agreed upon at your free consultation you can congratulate yourself on a job well done.

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Pain Management With It's Time To Change Hypnotherapy Services

Pain Management

Control and ease your levels of pain using the subconscious mind

Weight Management With It's Time To Change Hypnotherapy Services

Weight Management

Take control of your eating habits and lose weight.

Quit Smoking

Packing in smoking is easy when your mind isn't working against you.

Quit Smoking With It's Time To Change Hypnotherapy Services

Stress & Anxiety

Develop coping measures to help you deal with stress and anxiety.

Stress and Anxiety With It's Time To Change Hypnotherapy Services
Improve Confidence With It's Time To Change Hypnotherapy Services

Improve Confidence

Improve your self-esteem and personal confidence quickly and easily.

Cure Phobias With It's Time To Change Hypnotherapy Services

Cure Phobias

Fears and phobias are part of your subconscious mind, learn how to switch them off.

"It Was the Best Experience for Me!"

"Rory is a very friendly, professional and personable man who helped me immensely with my fear of flying. I had not tried hypnotherapy before and Rory made me feel at ease and the help which he provided to me allowed me to face a fear which had stood in my way for many, many years. I would definitely recommend It’s Time to Change, Hypnotherapy."
Siobhan Reavey - Hebburn

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What happens when you visit a Hypnotherapist?

We always start with a free consultation to see if we can discover what the issue is. Since everybody is different and responds to different things, we will find out which kind of hypnotherapy is more suited to your personality.

Finding the cause of the problem is key to providing a long term solution to the problem. Once we know this then we can arrange a personalised therapy plan. For most clients the sessions would be weekly, this allows the subconscious mind to process the suggestions. Each client is unique and may require more regular sessions, however, generally, 2 to 3 sessions is normally enough.

Why not book a free consultation with It’s Time To Change Hypnotherapy and discover how Hypnotherapy can help you.

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Read Reviews On Google and Facebook.

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